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My cruise to the South Pole was aboard the USS STATEN ISLAND AGB-5"pictured above".These are some photos from McMurdo Station,at Antarctica.

This is Mount Erebus an active volcano at Antarctica.

This is a scene of McMurdo Station.

This is a view faceing "south" at McMurdo Station.

This an outside view of Scotts Hut,built in 1902 by Scotts expedition.This site is currently maintained by New Zealand.

This a view of the pantry inside Scotts Hut. To my understanding the frozen food is still edible.

This doesnt look a homey place to sleep.This is a view of Scotts bunks.

This one of the new class of Coast Guard Ice Breakers in service at Antarctica.

Another view of a Coast Guard Ice Breaker.

These images are from the McMurdopage on the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica(CARA) website

This view is called a "blue" glacier.

This a view of an glacier "calving".

Another view of a glacier"calving".

This view should speak for its self.Twilight time.

These photos were graciously provided by,ETHAN DICKS

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