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Wild Life Of the
South Pole

I really love to swim,but not when the "fish" are bigger than I am,I am not going in.Of course I know they are mammals.

One more of the beautiful mammals.

These sweet little guys can grow as tall as three feet.They are not afraid of humans.Their only enemy is killer whales.

When they want to go in the water to fish,and they want to be sure it is safe,they either push an old penguin,or a sick one in to the water first.If he comes out,then its safe to go in.

According to our standards they have no regard for the aged or handicapped.

You know he must be a great believer in "Dont call me late for dinner".

Look at the "gray fuzz ball" its a baby penguin chick.They sit on their mothers feet to stay warm.

This is a Penguin Rookery.This where they make their nests,and do so every year.And believe it or not,at the same spot.

This was saved for last as I believe its so beautiful. Mom and baby.And that whale sound is haunting.