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A scenic view of Alaska.Lovely place to picnic.

Just in case you dont like the first place here is another one.

I believe the most beautiful landscapes are found in Alaska.I will never get there but I can dream about it.

I wonder if this ever melts,or if we could get ice cubes there year round?

Ice skateing any one? Or maybe a little bobsledding?

Now we have a nice cold place to go swimming.That is if you like water temperature at 28 degrees.

Above is one of the many volcanoes in Alaska.There will be two more volcanoes following this one,and an ash flow picture.

This is the Trident volcano.I am not sure if this is a dormant one or not.

This is the Akutan volcano. Another one that "might" be active.

Finally a volcano that is erupting.This the Kanaga volcano doing what it knows best to do.

This is Flat Top Mesa,another quiet volcano.

For those of you interested in buiding design I now offer you the Dawson Post Office.

I believe this is a scene of country surrounding Dawson Creek,Alaska.

And now at the close of our scenic tour of Alaska we are treated to a glorious sun set. When the sun sets it sets in the west.

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