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Wild Life
North Pole

Isn't this the cutest little"ole" thing you ever saw? I don't think he would be a good house pet.

On second thought, I just might be induced to take one home. Any one out there want to help me?

I really am having a terrible time because I want "all" of them at home. I wonder how much it costs to feed them?

Ok, I guess I won't take them home. They would probably want to eat me, my dogs and the neighbors.

Well "he" isn't as pretty as the "white" ones are but he is part of the great ALASKAN WILDERNESS so he deserves a spot here.

From what I am told this is the meanest fellow walking in the "bear" kingdom. Don't want to meet him on a dark night.

At least when I buy "fresh"fish, I go to the "grocery" store, not the local lake.

What can you say about a wolf, except to say they are one of the most misunderstood animals on our planet. They mate for life, and are one of the animals on the endangered species list.

Here is another wolf. I realize this makes two, but they are so beautiful, I wanted to include both of them.

Alaska has one of the largest Eagle Habitats in the world. They are a gracefull flying bird.

These two look like one of them has a "fish", and the other one wants it, or they just want to get better "acquainted".

There isn't to much to say about seals, except they really are a silly bunch of animals. So I will just put in the pictures and keep my mouth shut. Just enjoy looking at them.