Ship's I Was On

I reported aboard the USS BURTON ISLAND AGB-1 at Long Beach California,in February of 1955.I was aboard until November 29th 1956.

I made two Northern Cruises during that period of time.

Lots of ice all around us.But that is what she was built for.

The Burton Island was launched April 30th 1946,designated AG-88 and commissioned December 28th 1946.

Her first skipper was CDR G KETCHUM.Her first cruise was a southern cruise to ANTARCTICA,for the first ANTARCTIC Development Project in 1947.

She steamed through the ice pack to the Bay Of Whales to unload supplies,and received passengers for the return voyage to San Pedro,California.

Between April 1948 and December 1956 she participated in nineteen different cruises in Arctic and Alaskan waters.

She was designated AGB-1 in March of 1949.In December 1966 was transferred from the US Navy to the US COAST GUARD, and designated WAGB_283.

This is how she looked after her new designation as a COAST GUARD ICE BREAKER.

This a shot of the BURTON ISLAND at PORTLAND OREGON in 1961 for the ROSE FESTIVAL.They hold this every year.

I reported aboard the USS PLATTE AO-24(above) August the 6th 1960.I was senior electrican aboard and in charge of "E" division.

Platte was commissioned on December 1st 1939 and served in the Pacific during World War II.She is the second oldest ship on the active Navy roster.

She recieved eleven engagement stars for World War II,and six for the Korean conflict.She was in several operations during WWII and was present at the official surrender of the Japanese at Tokoyo Bay.

PLATTE made almost yearly deployments to the western Pacific from 1954 to 1968,including extensive operations in Vietnamese waters and the refueling of the Enterprise Task Group off Korea during the USS PUEBLO crisis.

She is capable of delivering fuel oil and aviation fuel at the rate of 350,000 gallons an hour.She can refuel as many as twelve destroyers,three cruisers and two aircraft carriers in an eighteen hour day.

PLATTE continued to render distinguished service until September 25th 1970 when she was stricken from the Naval Register.

The present USS PLATTE AO186 is the 5th of the Cimmaron class fleet oilers.She was commissioned on January 29th 1983.

In the above picture,PLATTE is re-fueling the USS BON HOMME RICHARD,air craft carrier. I left the PLATTE on September 29th 1964.

I reported aboard the USS STATEN ISLAND AGB-5 on September the 30th 1964,at San Diego,Calif.

Again I was senior electrician on board,and in charge of "E" division.I was in charge of the diesel electric power plant.

We left about two days later for extended operations in the Ross Sea,and McMurdo Sound,Antarctica.

During the Antarctic cruise,the USS GLACIER AGB-4 and the USS STATEN ISLAND AGB-5 broke free after being stuck in the ice for nine days.

In Honolulu we added supplies,and an air crew. On March 3rd 1966 I left the ship.

I reported aboard the USS JASON AR-8,in March of 1966.I was assigned to "E" division in charge of Engineering Dept Electricans.

USS JASON,a Vulcan class repair ship was named after JASON of Greek mythology.She was launched on April 3rd 1943 and commissioned June 19th 1944.

With WWII playing she was immediately thrust in to harms way,repairing ships damaged in battle.She herself received damage at Ulthi.

In 1980,she was ordered to Pearl Harbor as relief for the USS BRYCE CANYON AD-36 as station repair ship.She deployed to WESTPAC in 1983.In 1986,she was rammed by the USS WILLAMETTE AO-180,and limped in to Pearl Harbor for repairs.

I left USS JASON at SAN DIEGO,CALIF on October 6th 1967 because of developing a medical condition called BUERGERS DISEASE.

BUERGERS DISEASE: The occuslions of small vessels but there are two accompanying symptoms which some times occur,phlebitis and RAYNAUDS SYNDROME.

BUERGERS differs from RAYNAUDS in that there is an actual obstruction in the blood vessels in patients with BUERGERS.The obstructions are usually blood clots,where as the obstruction is only intermittent in RAYNAUDS.

When a patient with BUERGERS under goes xrays of the affected area the obstructions are clearly seen.The only recourse is AMPUTATION of the affected limb.

This disease is caused by cigarette smoking as non smokers have never been diagnosed with BUERGERS. As the results of the above I have lost both legs below the knees,and fingers of both hands.