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My Cruises
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In the summer of 1956, the old BI was assigned to accompany a mine sweeper to the Panama Canal from San Diego.On the way down, the mine sweepers movie projector was broken down.

I was transferred by highline to the "sweeper" on the way over, the bottom fell out of the canvas highline bag. I promptly fell in the "drink" for an unexpected early swim and immediately causing a "man overboard" announcementover the "PA" system.

When I was hauled from the "drink" by the "sweeper", I was given dry clothes. And then repaired the movie projector. I finished the cruise to Panama City aboard the "sweeper".

While returning to San Diego, we were sent to the GALLAPOGOS ISLANDS to retrieve the remains of three tuna boat sailors, whose ship had foundered in a storm and sank.

The bodies were stored in the "top side" refer. I and the duty corpsman were responsible to monitor the temperature daily. While we were attending to this task, another seaman was "chipping paint" out side the refer door.

"Doc pushed the door open and it tapped the young man in the "rump". He pushed the door shut and returned to his "chipping". The next time "Doc" pushed the door a little harder and when we emerged this young sailor had left his "chipping" and was aleady on the bridge wing. We both knew he thought the "bodies" were coming after him.

While aboard the SI and in Antarctica, after about two months,the "skipper" decided we needed a "ships party".We anchored in the ice, the "party" began.

The "old man" had the cooks prepare grilled steaks on the ice over a barbeque grill. Which by the way was made from a 50 gallon oil drum. And of course we had our usual beverages of soda pop or "beer". Of course there was plenty of soda left over.

We got together a "football" game on the ice and the little "Adeli" penguins were our spectators.

Tom Oloughlin a EN-2 decided one of our spectators was cold, so he picked him up and put him inside his Artic gear. But, evidently this little guy wasn't to cold because when he got too warm, he made a "big mess" all over this good hearted soul.

By the way, the Artic gear was never able to be cleaned and is probably still floating around up there some where.

I can tell you this, no one ever picked up another "little guy to warm him up.

Once the summer cruise in 1965 to the Bering Sea again on the SI. we were ice bound for over a week and drifted with the currents just a "wee" bit to close to Russia.

The Russian Migs flew over every day, I was supposed to watch our progress as we kept creeping closer to "no mans land". After two or three days the interperter decided to create a sign for them in Russian.

The sign read, "Next time bring our mail". Every day after that they waggled their wings as they flew over.

Russia has a huge nuclear powered ice breaker named "LENIN" which we never expected to see. Boy were we wrong. Early in the morning a brilliant flash of light on the horizon was coming closer and as it came closer we saw the largest ice breaker that we had ever seen.It was the "LENIN" and with out a word they proceeded to break us from our prison of ice twenty feet thick. And then they left the same way they came silently.

This is bow of BI while running from a storm in the BERING SEA.

This is the old BI,and the GLACIER AGB-4 operating side by side in the ROSS SEA.

And this is me on the bow of the SI in the OPERATION DEEP FREEZE of 1964-1965.I believe the other ship, is a cargo ship unloading supplies.