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This is first award from this very thoughtful woman.Thanks Rainbow.

This is from my daughter. Isn't it cute?

I havent been to Hawaii in many years,but my memories are as clear today, as when I was there. Thank you"babs".

Another nice award from Ladybug. Keep them coming "girl"

This one I am really proud of as Tim is my grandson and we watch a lot of football together, Bobbie hates it.

Thank you Nitesky for this award and for recognizing my writers talents.

I wonder what Bug means about "bug" award?

This award looks just like the "willies" from the South Pole. Thank you for the memories.

This is a sweet award from another Angel. Please visit her pages.

Thank you, Nick for this lovely awardespecially since it was so hard to get it here.

This Award was very unexpected. Thank you so much.

Thank you Mr. Flasher for this award. I really appreciate it.

Thank you Bridey. What a nice surprise.

Thank you Annie, for one of your"TREASURES".

Thanks JokerV for this award. I wish I could do more but, then I have Bobbie.

This is the first time I have ever recieved an award for just signing a Guestbook. What a novel Idea.

And, right on the heels came this fine award. Thanks Chet.